John 21:4† But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore:

But the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.


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 2013 saw more connections made through Refinerís Fire and other ministry events.


 Face to Face project for Refinerís Fire is completed.


 Susanville Church of the Nazarene has successfully birthed a new congregation in Alturas, CA.† Grace Point Church of the Nazarene.


 Sanctuary Church Food Pantry is now running out of their new facility.


 We are seeing more congregations begin to work together, locally, in spite of doctrinal differences.† This is creating a robust atmosphere for ministry that touches communities in Jesusí Name, for Jesusí sake.


 Urgent financial needs for Shoreline Ministries are critical through the final days of 2013.† We are in danger of losing essential tools without Godís intervention.


 Refinerís Fire Concerts and events throughout the US in 2014.


 We have received several reports of Pastors under duress, either from within their own congregations or from serious health matters.† Lift these precious men and women up as they serve our communities.† We need them operating at full strength!


 Continued outreach of Central United Methodist Church in Spokane, WA.† Including the special work of Shalom Ministries.

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