Are people looking to your organization to meet their needs?  Are the lights on?

Tailored to your organization’s needs.

Sometimes a church, or school, or community service organization needs more than just a quick visit.  They need someone to walk with in their shoes….work along side them, in order for the person (or persons) coming in to see what the day to day challenges are...and then help the organization benefit, for the long term, from that visit.  Those of us in the church world have often heard of mission or work and witness trips. This is an opportunity for organizations to pull in gifted people and spend time with them in a solid two way commitment, without a prohibitive budget that can kill any progress you make on the actual need that is being addressed.  Shoreline has resources to help start parent-run youth programs or children’s programs...soup kitchens, organizational restructures, itinerate pulpit fill, even construction projects.  All with quality workers, who desire to help you serve.  Shoreline works with each group to get the exact match, arrange for scheduling and then uses other Shoreline contacts to make the entire stay a success.  While a six week stay is the maximum, due to resources...sometimes a shorter time period can be utilized.  The overriding factor will be the need of the organization and the person or group that can best address that need.  This is not a quickly decided or hasty project but a well thought out process that involves a commitment to planning months (or years) in advance of the actual mission.  Many times, the planning involved brings benefits before your “missionary” arrives.  This type of commitment, while involving more time and effort usually brings lasting results that can impact a community years after the mission has been completed.


An added benefit of this type of service is that our client groups become a part of the Shoreline Connection that allow us to assist in other endeavors and also keeps us in regular touch with the organization for ongoing encouragement and support.  We don’t leave you when the mission is over,  you become part of the Shoreline family.


· Longer Term Commitment

· Shoreline Connections

· Stronger Program Initiatives

· More Abundant Resources

· Broader Support Base

· In-Depth Assessment

· Life-Long Relationships


Multi-Week Missions

John 21:4  But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore:

But the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.