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If you know what you want to do, just shoot us an e-mail and give us your story.  You can call too.  We are in the office from 9AM—6PM (PST) Monday through Friday. 


If you are not sure and you just want more information, we’ll be glad to chat with you over those things too.  If you like to use your local post office, we’ve listed all of the pertinent information below as well. 


Maybe you want to partner up and help...GREAT!!  We can work with that as well.  In fact, we are finding that people like to participate in both sides of the ministry, that and receiving (almost sounds biblical doesn’t it?).  It’s all about working together to accomplish the job.

Shoreline Ministries

1734 Yukon Avenue

Medford, OR 97504


Phone: 541-245-3496

Fax: 541-245-3494


Postal:     Shoreline Ministries

                1734 Yukon Avenue

                Medford, Oregon 97504-4721

Just let us know...

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