John 21:4  But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore:

But the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.


Refiner's Fire Ministry Fund

Yes, it takes money to make our Coach wheels go ‘round.  It takes money to give ministry grants to congregations and assist them in their mission to the community.  It takes money to keep us operating.  It takes money to keep Refiner’s Fire on the road, spreading the message…”your ministry is important and worth every ounce of effort you put forth”.


When you give to Shoreline’s Ministry Fund you:

1. Give us the ability to give “Ministry Grants”...blessings to local congregations that support specific ministries that they are doing for their local community

2. Give us the ability to send Refiner’s Fire to congregations in circumstances that would normally preclude a quality Christian music group from coming to that church.  Sometimes it is financial...sometimes it is simply an out of the way location that is not on the road to anywhere.  Either way, it helps us offset the cost and offer ministry “beyond our ability” in normal circumstances.

3. Give us the ability to send other qualified Ministers and Workers to address needs with compassionate organizations and churches across the United States. 

4. Give Shoreline the ability to help a church launch ministries, evaluate their own impact on the community, and hold events that would normally be beyond the scope of their reach. 


You can give online using one of our various “Donate” buttons, located throughout all the different websites of the Sirrah Group companies, or you can contact us at 541-245-3496 and we can further discuss, both your gift and any specific area of ministry that you would like target.


Craig Harris