John 21:4  But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore:

But the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.


Shoreline Advance Team

The Shoreline Advance Team is part of the reason for success in any event that our ministry participates in.  Advance Team members can help coordinate with local organizations and do the things that need to be done “on the ground” in a community.  Whether it is Refiner’s Fire holding a fundraising concert or a Shoreline Ministries sponsored Seminar, Advance Team members help to assure that each project achieves its goals. 


All of this talk about efficiency and success sounds complicated, but actually it only takes a few important tasks to be an Advance Team member.  Listed below are the types of things that can be done to be a member of the Advance Team.


As with our Prayer Society, Advance Team is not something you join or commit is what our friends and ministry supporters do.  The title simply helps us organize our efforts to do a good job in supporting your ministry with us.  It is a great way to make Shoreline Ministries a part of your own ministry.

Advance Team members:


· Identify potential ministry opportunities for Shoreline to partner with

· Assist in publicity for an upcoming event by communicating with members of your organization and community

· Distribute fliers, posters, invitations or other materials to spread the word about an event to the public

· Put Shoreline leaders in touch with any local media representatives who might be receptive to assisting us in getting the word out about an event

· Become a part of the Ministry Team to work with an event or Project in all kinds of hands on tasks



We are always ready to hear your ideas, know that you are working for the ministry, or just have comments.

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