John 21:4† But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore:

But the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.



Our ministry is based on the belief that the Bible is the inspired word of God, holding all truth necessary for man to have a right relationship with God.


The Christian Bible, both Old and New Testaments, supplies the new convert and the seasoned disciple with the knowledge to find Godís will for their life and maintain an intimate, day to day relationship, with Him.


We believe that Bible reading is an essential part of Christian discipleship and than no other reading material is more important in the life of the convert.


We believe in God.† There is a God, the Creator of all that exists in the universe.


We believe that God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.†


We believe that God is a person and created mankind in His image and likeness in order to have fellowship with His creation.


We believe that Jesus of Nazareth, as told of in the Bible, is the Son of God, both God and Man, the Second Person of the Trinity.


We believe that Jesus lived on earth, was born to a Virgin as a baby, conceived of the Holy Spirit inside His motherís womb.† He lived a life of sinless perfection here on earth for 33 years and then willingly forsook His rightful equality with God and became obedient to God the Father, and allowed Himself to be put to death on a cross, paying the debt of sin for the entire human race.


We believe that Jesus, through Godís power, rose from the dead in His regenerated body and is alive today, sitting at the right hand of the Father, interceding for all who claim faith in Him.


We believe that Jesus will come back to earth a second time, as the triumphant Savior of mankind, to claim those who willingly call Him Lord and Master.† He will take them with Him to live eternally.




We believe that God, The Holy Spirit is God, the Third Person of The Holy Trinity, in a form that communicates with creation on behalf of the Father.† The Holy Spirit is active in the life of every obedient believer and He teaches, corrects, encourages, comforts and keeps the Christian in his/her relationship with God.


We believe that the guidance of The Holy Spirit is synonymous with the desire of The Father and The Son, and it is The Holy Spirit that takes our scripture reading and applies the wisdom of God to our lives, giving us opportunity to obey God, willingly, on a daily basis.


We believe that The Holy Spirit infuses the obedient believer with the very power of God, according to Godís will, and enables the believer to obey God in all circumstances if they will just yield their will to Godís will.


We believe that God is ONE and has manifested His Oneness in Three Persons; The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.


We believe that The Holy Trinity allows mankind and all of creation to have the potential of intimate contact with our Creator, in a very personal manner.


We believe that The Holy Trinity in all of itís complexity, is one of the greatest examples of the lengths that God will go to, in order to have fellowship with His creation.


We believe that mankind is Godís creation, and was given the unique gift of Free Will, which allows mankind to choose whether he/she wants a relationship with God, or not.


We believe that Adam, the first man, as told of in the Bible, chose to disobey God, setting the stage for all humanity to willfully choose to disobey God and separate themselves from God.


We believe that this separation from God is sin and that without the work of the Savior, on mankindís behalf, intimate relationship with God is impossible.


We believe that God loves mankind so much, that He ultimately planned His own personal sacrifice to redeem fallen man and allow a restoration to the eternal relationship that mankind had originally been created to have with Him.


We believe that when a man/woman willfully confesses and repents of their sin and claims Jesus as Lord of their life; Godís power regenerates that person and they become a new creature, born again, into Godís grace and capable of a full and intimate relationship with God.


We believe that this work of Salvation in a personís life draws them closer to God as they seek Him out on a daily basis.† This relationship has the potential to grow stronger and become more vibrant every day that the convert person lives on earth in their mortal body.


We believe that Salvation is only achieved through a relationship with Jesus Christ, The Son of God, and can never be earned by any type of work that we can accomplish.† Our Salvation is based upon the grace of God and not our own efforts.


We believe that Salvation opens the door for our works to then become productive and bear fruit under Godís design and that these works, while not providing our Salvation, do provide opportunities for our faith to grow and gives God greater latitude to bless others and Himself through our own behaviors here on the earth.


We believe that it is possible for a person to love God to such a level that obedience to Him comes easily, not because of their own perfection, but rather because of an overpowering love for God that consumes their very being.† The result is a personal holiness that reflects the image of God that mankind was originally created for and while that image is not ďflawlessĒ in a Godlike sense, it allows Godís will to flow through a mere mortal and change the world around them in a testimony of Godís own love and power.



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